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Make Women Want You Review

Many of us men believe that we must be handsome in order to flirt and win over a girl, which is simply an outdated thought. We often fail to capitalize on our personality and end up lonely and single. We neglect the thought that our personality is beyond looks and we can woo women with our charm without having good looks.

If you are someone who has a bad luck with women or if you are someone who thinks that you are single because you are ‘ugly’ then you ought to read this article. We are going to introduce and thoroughly review a mantra which will change your life for the good and will teach you that impressing women is not as difficult as you imagine.

With right words, some habits and an impressive personality, you can be a popular guy among ladies. If you still doubt my words then Jason Capital’s ‘Make Women Want You’ will surely quash all your doubts. Make Women Want You is a program that will help you make an everlasting impression on women in an effortless manner. His program has helped plenty of men who failed to attract women or did not know of the ways to attract women. You can say that it is a proven guide on how you can win over any girl. You must be wondering about the program and rightly so. After all, who doesn’t want to attract women?

Without any further delay, let’s begin with the basic details and review of the Make Women Want You program. As you will progress in the article, you will learn about practical skills that you can adapt to turn into an attractive man within in no time and woo women.

What is ‘Make Women Want You Program’?


‘Make Women Want You’ is an easy to understand and follow program consisting of a 115-page definitive guide and a couple of bonus products aimed at making men understand that attracting women is an easy process.

The beginner and intermediate level guide uses simple tips and takes inspiration from real-life examples to make the process easier for men to understand. The book is divided into six different chapters each talking about the simple steps men must follow to attract women.

For lonely men, the program is straight out of fairy tale as it answers the inside questions that we men have. The program not only helps you succeed with women but also polishes men’s self-esteem to make them confident in life. As you delve further into the book, you will learn the reasons why you have not succeeded with women so far and the steps you can take to mend your failures.

The program is beneficial for short-term as well as long-term success as you will be able to impress women and your entire outlook towards attracting women will change. Besides learning different yet proven tips and tricks to attract women, I have also learned how you can make them want you in return.

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Who the Book Is for?

Jason Capital’s ‘Make Women Want You’ program is ideal for men of all ages who are looking to brush up their attracting skills to impress women. The program will help you learn many things to improve your skill set even if you consider as a pro in dating women and have an extensive experience of it.

The program has been designed in such a manner by Jason Capital that makes it perfect for the beginner as well as experienced men especially when wooing women is considered.

One of the best things about this program is that all the steps enlisted in the course are easy to follow and the author has used various real-life examples to make you believe that impressing women is not a task. It is the reason why the book is perfect for different men going through different stages in life.

The program has positively affected more than 177,000 men all over the world who are thankful to Jason for his expert advice and easy to follow steps to win over women.

The big number suggests that the book has not been designed for the men of a special category instead the program can be followed by all men irrespective of their dating experience, age, looks, situations, and location.

Even an average looking man can learn small yet effective things from the program to achieve unbelievable results with women.

You must be excited about the working of the program. In the following paragraphs, I have thoroughly explained the functioning of the system and why it is regarded as one of the best dating advice ever.


About the Author – Jason Capital

Reading so many praises for the program must have made you wonder about the author. You must be thinking who is this guy that knows all the secrets to impress women. Jason Capital is a former Navy Seal who was inches away from giving up on life but his sheer determination to succeed made him one of the best dating experts in the industry. Jason is popularly known as America’s most honest dating coach.

His tips and the well-guided program has changed the lives of many men all over the world who consider him as a messiah in their life.

His honest teachings coupled with the real-life examples have won him applaud from different parts of the world. Also known as “the new Tony Robbins for men”, Jason has worked with many Hollywood celebrities and millionaire entrepreneurs, psychologists and CEOs in his career.

You will be surprised to know that Jason Capital was included in the Barack Obama’s list of Top 100 Entrepreneurs under 30.

Jason is not like other dating coaches who are mostly aggressive and mean. He, genuinely, want to change the lives of men who look down on themselves and end up lonely in their life. He is available on YouTube to answer your queries related to women and relationship and answers politely to everybody.

On his personal front, Jason has been in three relationships and has slept with more than 100 women. One of the best things about Jason’s tips and elaborate guide that he has penned is that he focuses on your self-improvement.

The program focuses on personal grooming and attractive skills that you must have in order to impress women. It seems that he is on a mission to help men all over the world by making them better and inculcating habits that would prove beneficial for them in the long run.

It is his qualities and honesty that has made him one of the bestselling authors in the dating niche.

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How Does the System Work?

Jason Capital’s ‘Make Women Want You’ program works by inducing self-esteem and self-confidence in men to make them attractive in the eyes of women.

The program includes an eBook written in easy to understand words for men of all ages. The book has been further divided into six chapters with each chapter serving a different purpose to accomplish the end goal of impressing women and making love to them.

The first two chapters of the book are the introduction for the course to be followed. The first chapter of the book focuses on helping you get rid of the idea of “nice guy”.

The author has enlisted different methods and tips to overcome the idea of always making a good image in front of women. There are three main ‘ingredients’ that are suggested by Capital and how you can use these ingredients to cook a delicious dish for women.

The next three chapters in the book consist of various steps and tips that you must adapt to target women.

These steps are easy to follow and for making the things easier, Jason Capital has used many examples from real life. By reading these three chapters you will learn to initiate conversation, hold a conversation, and arise the interest of women in you.

Loaded with stories, the three chapters are an ultimate guide to becoming popular men among ladies. I will discuss each individual chapter below, so keep reading the article.

The last chapter of the book talks about all the firsts. You will get to learn about the perfect first text message that you should drop to leave an interesting impression on women, how to get ready for your first date, first kiss and other firsts.

The last chapter is highly interesting and exciting especially for those who do not have any prior experience in dating. This does not mean that experienced should skip the last chapter. Even those who have ample of experience in dating should follow the last chapter to learn more intricate details about impressing women within no time.

Below, I have discussed each chapter individually so that you get the idea of the content of the book.


Chapter 1: Shun the Belief of Good Guy

The first chapter teaches you to leave behind the common belief of “good boy” image. The author says that you need to get past the restrictions imposed by society, movies and TV series to become who you want to be in front of women.

There are seven different beliefs that have been listed by Jason Capital in the first chapter. These beliefs are simply outdated and should be replaced by the new “beliefs”. You will find the list of seven new beliefs that you must start following to achieve your aim of becoming a “congruent man”.

This chapter talks about not holding back or conforming oneself to the general beliefs of society. The author talks about taking risks to make yourself an irresistible man among ladies as women, these days, like men who are daring and willing to take a risk.

Lastly, you will get to learn that you do not need to be Mr. Good Guy anymore to woo women.

Chapter 2: Delving into the Mind of Women

If you want to become a popular man among ladies then you must know what women think about men. The second chapter of the book provides you with an insight into the thinking process of women.

In this chapter, Jason Capital has answered one of the most important questions in the second chapter of the book – What do women want? I know that this is the question that most guys want to know the answer of.

Capital has cunningly answered the question through a self-invented three-step formula which teaches you the demands of women in a step by step manner.

The formula is supported by instructions that you need to follow to impress a woman and become a man of her dreams. One of the most exciting things about this chapter is that the step formula discussed in this chapter is applicable to all the women out there irrespective of their age, location, physical beauty, etc.

Following the steps provided in this chapter is an important step towards the end goal of transforming yourself into a man that is liked by every woman. Don’t just beleive me you can see countless people having positive results with the program here.

Chapter 3: Rules of Attraction

If you want to make a woman want you then you must be aware of all the rules of attraction and that is what the third chapter of the program is about. Jason Capital has described the rules of attraction that you must follow while approaching a woman. These tips and rules are supported by science and the functioning of the brain.

You need to stand out from the crowd so as to impress a woman. One of the things where most men suck is keeping up the conversation with ladies. Capital teaches you different steps to initiate and create a conversation with the woman of your dreams to arouse her interest in you.

This chapter is especially important for those who have previously failed at impressing women due to the lack of ideas for keeping up the conversation. There are many interesting and amusing examples in this chapter which will not make you feel bored at any moment.

Additionally, you will also learn the body language you must have to support the romantic and interesting lines you are going to use in the conversation This chapter will teach you all the rules you need to learn to make a woman fall in love with you.

Women attacted to a Man

Chapter 4: Turn Small Talk to High-Value Talk

You cannot impress a woman with just small talks. Small talks are good for beginning and introduction phase but once you get past that phase, you need to talk meaningfully to attract her. The fourth chapter in the Make Women Want You book talks about the different mean using which you can turn small talks to high-value talk that women are interested in.

This chapter teaches you how to fabricate really interesting stories to provoke the interest of a woman in you. In the fourth chapter, Jason Capital has provided many examples that actually work in real life. You can apply these examples in your pursuit to attract women in real life. All the tips mentioned in this chapter are easy to follow which makes the chapter interesting.

Chapter 5: Escalation

Entitled as ‘Escalation’, the fifth chapter in the Make Women Want You ebook is about taking the things to the next level. Now that you have learned about the different tips and tricks to initiate and hold the conversation with a lady, the next step is to escalate this emotional connection.

In this penultimate chapter, the author has provided many proven tricks that will help you get a date with the woman you want to impress. You will learn how to make the women chase you with your charming personality and interesting conversation. Jason Capital has explained the chapter with many real-life stories and incidents that you can apply in your life to make your woman want you and not the other way around.

In layman’s terms, the fifth chapter of the book makes you realize your worth.

Chapter 6: A Successful Date

With all the tips and suggestions provided by Jason Capital in the above-explained five chapters, you will impress the woman but the final step is the showdown time – first date. In the last chapter, the author has written tips to handle text messages and has explained how to approach your date for the first kiss.

Basically, there is nothing new in this chapter that you have not learned in the earlier chapters but a summary of all the tips. You just need to stick to the plan to make your woman want you. The last chapter is important for those who tend to be nervous on their first date. This chapter teaches you the different ways to make your texting game strong to impress a woman.

All the six chapters are systematically included in the book and it is a step by step guide to approach a woman and if you are following all the tips as mentioned in the book then there is nothing stopping you from winning the heart of any woman in the world.


Does It Really Work or Is It a Scam?

Jason Capital’s Make Woman Want You is not like other dating guides. What I liked the most about the program is that it helps you level up your self- esteem and broadens your thinking process.

The book does not provide you unnecessary tips and theorems to impress women; instead, it helps you make you realize your self-worth. In the process, you will not only become a better version of yourself but you will also learn various details about women like what they want and how you can impress them.

My experience with this book is impressive and by following the tips mentioned in this book, I have succeeded with women in my life.

I have got this positive outlook towards life and have inculcated many habits that have not only helped me woo the women but have also made me a man who is willing to stand for himself and has all the traits that a woman wants in men.

In my opinion, Make Woman Want You is definitely not a scam. If you are willing to put in some efforts, the program is a must-have for all those who are failing miserably at their love life and want to make women want them.

What Do You Get Including Bonuses?

Make Women Want You is not just an eBook but an entire program including additional bonuses. A number of bonuses have been included as a part of the program.

As soon as you purchase the program, you will be provided with the bonus products to help you achieve your aim of making an everlasting impression on the woman of your dreams.

We have explained all the bonuses below with the description of the aim and content of the bonus that is accompanied with the book.

Here are some of the bonuses you get besides the Make Women Want You book.

Bonus 1: The Masters of Dating Inner Circle

In the Masters’ of Dating Inner Circle bonus, there are videos of Jason Capita where he is picking up girls by applying the tips that are mentioned in the eBook. A mike has been attached to his body so that you get to listen to all the conversation that is happening between him and the girls he is picking up.

Apart from the real-life videos of Jason, you will also get access to a number of articles and reports featuring the exceptional conversational tools and skills of Jason. The bonus also features an exclusive interview with cute girls for reference. Please note that it is a subscription-based bonus.

Bonus 2: How to Always Know What to Say?

The second bonus that you get as a part of the program is titled as ‘How to Always Know What to Say?’ As explained by the title itself, this bonus is all about speaking the things that will impress the woman sitting in front of you. You will get to learn some really clever one-liners and stories that you can use to woo women.

This bonus ensures that you are always ready with killer lines that are sure to impress women. There is a special report in this bonus that teaches you to master the art of initiating and holding up a seductive conversation that could lead the woman you like to your bedroom. The basic principles of conversation are thoroughly explained in this bonus.

Bonus 3: Body Language Secrets That Get the Girl Every Time

Your body language is one of the most important means of attracting a girl and according to a report, as much as 80% communication is non-verbal. You can fail at your attempts of wooing a woman despite saying all the right things at the right time if your body language is not up to the mark.

Jason Capital has explained the importance of body language in this bonus titled as ‘Body language Secrets That Get the Girls Every Time’. You will get to learn the different proven tips to maintain a dominant body language especially when you are on a date. These little tips and tricks related to boy language will help you achieve your short-term as well as long-term goals related to impressing women.

Bonus 4: Done For You Attraction

The fourth bonus in the program named as ‘Done for Your Attraction’ is a compilation of attractive and seductive banter lines by Jason Capital. Saying these lines at right time and with the right body language can help you create an electrifying effect on a lady.

There are some specific lines for women working in a certain field or for women of a particular height. These lines are sure short means of attracting women.

In addition to the clever lines, the bonus also focuses on adding seductiveness to your conversation to create sexual tension between you two.

Bonus 5: Stuck On You

After impressing a woman you do not want to be get cheated on. The fifth bonus titled ‘Stuck On You’ provides you tips to retain a woman in your life for a long period of time.

The bonus product consists of 11 cheat proof principles so that your girl does not want to leave you any time soon. The tips mentioned in this bonus product are easy to follow and can be easily implemented in real life.

Bonus 6: The Female Orgasm Bible

The title of the bonus product says it all. You will get to learn various tips and tricks to help you learn the details about female orgasm. The bonus product will help you perform well in bed when you are with the woman of your dreams.

Bonus 7: The Subliminal Attraction Switches

The next bonus product in the Make Women Want You program is named as The Subliminal Attraction Switches and talks about various switches that can be turned-on during conversation to induce an atmosphere of sexual tension. This bonus product is in the form of a PowerPoint presentation.



The Charm Bible

The Charm Bible is a collection of cocky lines; banters and role play themes that can be applied in real life to leave an everlasting impression on your lady. These are the lines you can say to women in a funny way and win over her

How the Book Helped Me Get 3 Dates in One Day

In order to test the program, I decided to follow all the tips and tricks given in the eBook as well as the bonus products and I was surprised by the experience I had.

Having learned all the tricks to converse and maintaining the proper body language, things were extremely smooth.

I was not hesitant and my impression was visible on the girls I met. You will be surprised to know that I got three dates with the help of this program in under a 1 day. The main thing the program gives you is the confidence to approach girls in any situation. I managed to secure a date just walking round the supermarket.

Whilst i’m no stranger to the dating game this program has sharpened my skills and taken me to a new level.


Pros and Cons

Make Women Want You by Jason Capital has its own set of pros and cons. If you are planning to purchase the program then it is important for you to know the pros as well as cons of it.


Real life examples have been used

Unlike other dating manuals, Make Women Want You program is not based entirely on fabricated theories. Jason Capital has used many real-life examples to help men relate. He has applied his teachings in situations that are normally faced by guys on their pursuit for women.

The program has been created by an expert

Jason Capital who is the main creator of the program is not a regular man with dating theories. He is a proven and specialist dating expert. He is a certified expert with recommendations from many people in the industry. You can search his name on Google if you do not believe me. The search results consisting of positive feedback from men who have used his program are more than enough to prove his reputation.

Easy to follow techniques

All the tips mentioned in the eBook as well as bonus products have been simplified and are made relatable to normal everyday life. Jason Capital has spent a considerable amount of time in making the content easy to follow.


Not meant for those looking for long-term relationships

Jason Capital’s Make Women Want You program is for casual relationships and does not guarantee that it will get you into a serious relationship. Ideal candidates for this program are men who are looking forward to flirt with girls and hook up with them.

No hard copy available

One of the downside of the program is that there is no hard copy available. Although I prefer the digital copy because the program is always to hand but I can understand some people like a hard copy.


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